This product has been discontinued

S&S Cycle Hydraulic Trappets with HL2T - 33-5351


  • Manufacturer: S and S Cycle


Manufacturer Part Number: 33-5351

S&S Cycle Hydraulic Trappets with HL2T

  • Feature numerous significant design improvements
  • Larger inner bearing race reduces stresses to increase axle, bearing and roller life. The S&S inner bearing race is .123 larger in diameter than the raceless roller axles currently used by some manufacturers
  • Improved inner race-roller design allows use of more and larger bearings to increase load carrying surface area, further reducing stress and wear in the critical roller area
  • Redesigned plunger assembly better withstands forces associated with heavyduty valve springs and cams typically S&S Cycle Hyraused in high-performance applications
  • Revised metering device precisely controls oil delivery to top end, insuring rapid lifter pump-up and reducing possibility of oil starvation to bottom end
  • Each lifter body and plunger assembly is hand-fit and then pressure-tested to insure correct operation
  • Sold in sets of 4