This product has been discontinued

Dunlop Quadmax 805 ATV Rear Tire


  • Manufacturer: Dunlop


  • Aggressive tread pattern engineered for superior performance in harsh conditions
  • The Quadmax features a flatter profile that provides a 5 percent larger footprint for added traction
  • Wrap-around shoulder element and sidewall elements look more aggressive and deliver improved side traction
  • The Quadmax offers improved handling and traction on all surfaces for superior performance
  • Tapered shoulder block design supplies smooth and predictable side grip
  • Big center block generates outstanding forward grip and mud traction
  • 45-degree center block design furnishes optimum forward and side grip
  • Specially stiffened carcass incorporates two nylon body plies laid at a rigid case angle to promote large-block stability through the contact patch
  • When tough riding conditions dictate that bigger is better, the new Quadmax delivers outstanding traction and handling